PRP (platelet rich plasma)

The healing effect of PRP is based on growth factors that are released from the thrombocytes (blood platelets) and trigger a wound healing reaction. This accelerates the rebuilding of injured tissue and prevents painful inflammation processes.
PRP therapy leads to high concentrations of growth factors that support the body's own healing in the event of injury and osteoarthritis.
In competitive sports - and more and more often among amateur athletes - this knowledge has been used for years to quickly and effectively treat injuries to muscles and tendons, but also the wear and tear of joints. About half of all professional football clubs in the Bundesliga use this method to treat their players.
We have also been using PRP therapy with great success since 2015.

The treatment is carried out by:

  • Taking blood from a vein
  • Separation process for obtaining the body's own active ingredients in concentrated form
  • Injection of these active substances into the affected area of ​​your body